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About US

Yuhuan County anti corrosion valve factory is the first in the country to produce a series of non packing seal energy saving valve, high temperature ball valve professional enterprise.

Factory in the popularization and application of the years, continuously improve the quality of products, the Department of mechanical valve products supervision and inspection center determined in 1991, 10-100 times life test, its life and comprehensive performance has exceeded the corresponding national standards, is the current domestic energy-saving leakage model of product. YH card plunger valve, high temperature ball valve is manufactured under the supervision of the Ministry of machinery industry, general machinery research and recommended products, can directly replace the cut-off valve, gate valve, particularly suitable for the metallurgical, chemical, coal, machinery, electric power, textile, pharmaceutical, paper making, rubber, light industry, food, building, heating and other industries sealing requirements higher steam, gas, oil, alkali, water, copper ammonia solution and other media channels as flow medium opening and closing device or use of control valve, stop running, take, drop, leakage of preferred products.

Our factory will continue to "quality, integrity" business philosophy, to provide you with quality products and perfect after-sales service; welcome to choose our factory YH brand without packing seal energy-saving piston valve, high temperature ball valve.

Yuhuan series of non packing seal energy-saving piston valve, high temperature ball valve structure, love and brand, has been recognized by the national user, brand registration trademark rights can not be violated.